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My name is Courtney Burnett and I am excited to be teaching 6th grade Social Studies at Northpointe again this year!


I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and love watching Aggie football...Whoop! I have lived in Texas most of my life, but have also lived in Florida. I love the beach!

I got married this past summer, so I'm still trying to get used to my new name. We can learn it together! When I'm not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy spending time playing with my very spoiled dog.


Recent Posts

World Map Test

Students will be taking a World Map Test on Monday.  They will be required to identify/label all 7 continents and 5 oceans.  They do need to spell correctly and use proper capitalization to receive full credit for answers.

Spring Benchmark

The Spring Benchmark for Social Studies is next Tuesday.  This is a district wide cumulative assessment - it will cover various concepts taught this school year.  I can not give a review for the benchmark.  I suggest that all students review the major concepts in their INB.

STAAR Testing Next Week

Please remember 6th graders will be STAAR Testing on Monday and Tuesday.  Students may bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water to class with them.  Please do not send a snack that can be messy or sticky.

Test Friday, April 21: India and its Perimeter

The India Notes and Study Guide will be posted to Second Semester Documents on Monday morning.  Students should have an India Map, vocabulary, and notes in their INB.


We have been working on a DBQ for the past 5 class days.  Today is the last day for students to work on the packet/essay in class. Any student that has not submitted their essay by the end of class today will need to finish and submit for homework. The final essay is due (Google Classroom) by 11:59 pm Wednesday.

Africa Test Next Wednesday

Students received a copy of the Test Review today in class.  I have also posted an electronic copy in Second Semester Documents. If students have misplaced any of their notes, there are some notes available in Second Semester Documents.

New Unit

We are starting a new unit tomorrow: Africa. Students will have a map to complete.  It will be started in class Tuesday and will be finished outside of class.  It is due Thursday.

Middle East: Culture and Religion Test

The Culture and Religion Test will be next Thursday.  Students received a study guide in class today.  I have posted an electronic copy of the study guide in Second Semester Documents.  There is also an electronic copy of the notes available.

DBQ Essay

Any student that did not finish their essay in class is responsible for finishing it as homework tonight.  It needs to be turned in electronically (Google Classroom) by 11:59 pm.  Students should have their packet with them - there are no online resources for this assignment.

Europe Quiz

There will be a Europe Quiz on Thursday, December 15.  The topics covered on the quiz are:  Europe Vocabulary, Roots of Democracy, and the European Union. I do have an electronic copy of the Democracy flow chart posted in First Semester Documents.

Map Test Next Week

There will be a map test on Wednesday.  A list of all the countries/bodies of water that students need to know is posted in First Semester Documents.  There are links to maps and mapping games in Web Links that can help with studying.

Test Tomorrow!

Please remember the Latin America Test is tomorrow.  Students received a copy of the Study Guide last week.  There is an electronic copy in First Semester Documents. In addition to using the Study Guide, students can review their corrected Mexico Quiz to help them study for the test.

Latin America Test: Wednesday November 16th!

I have posted the study guide for the Latin America Test in First Semester Documents. I will be giving each student a copy of the study guide tomorrow.

Mexico Timeline is Posted

I have added a copy of the Mexico Timeline to First Semester Documents. This information will be included on the Mexico Quiz next week.