Upcoming units in Science and Social Studies

Wow! I can't believe we are already on week 4 of the school year. Now that we feel a little more comfortable with our routines, and schedules, I will update us on what our upcoming lessons will cover in science and social studies.
Our first unit in science covers physical properties of matter. The properties we will be covering in class are: Mass, Volume, Magnetism, Physical state, Solubility, Density, and Conductivity. We will be covering these properties in depth in class with hands on practice! Students should review these concepts at home nightly. The main goal of this unit is for students to discover that all objects have a set of physical properties that describe it, and by knowing these properties, we can separate different mixtures easily. All class notes, and practice will be recorded in their science INB.
Social Studies:
In social studies we are starting off with geography. We are practicing reading a compass, looking at latitude and longitude, and identifying various land forms/landmarks of the United States. For a couple of weeks we will be discussing the freedoms we enjoy in America, as a part of celebrate freedom week. Students will identify the freedoms they have that they are thankful for.
Every nine weeks there will be a states and capitals test in social studies. This test is a major grade. Students will be given a map of a region of the United States, and they will be responsible for memorizing a set of states, and their capitals. The test is formatted in a way that they will need to label a blank map. Please make sure that all students are reviewing their maps nightly at home. 
The year is off to an amazing start, and I am really enjoying getting to know all of my new kids! 
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Emily Adams