Car Rider Procedures 2019-20

Car Rider Procedure Expectations

To help alleviate the cars waiting on the street, form two lines in the back driveway as you enter. Proceed all the way to the beginning of the loading/pickup zone. Merge in to one lane as you approach our loading/pickup zone.  Please be considerate of one another and merge friendly.  This is a wonderful way to model respect and courtesy to the other drivers as well as the students.

When exiting the school driveway at peak times of the day (7:15 -7:45, 2:55 – 3:25, & 4:30 – 5:00), all vehicles must turn RIGHT on Northpointe Blvd. Waiting to crossover four lanes of traffic by turning left backs up our driveway to the point where no one can move.  It is imperative that everyone adhere to this expectation.

At no time is anyone to block another car from using the other lane. During the morning drop off and late after school club pickup, cars should alternate stacking lines. (Example: Car A lines up first in the right lane so Car B then lines up first in the left lane. Car C lines up behind Car A and Car D will line up behind Car B. When approaching the loading zone, Car A will go first followed by Car B then by Car C followed by Car D alternating lanes each time.)

We would appreciate your cooperation in these matters, so that all parents and students at Northpointe can have a safe, pleasant and efficient car rider line experience.