My name is Nate Henze, and I teach 5th grade Language Arts. This is my eleventh year teaching! We moved to the great state of Texas when I was two years old and haven't left since. I graduated from Concordia Austin with an education degree. I met my wife at my first job in San Antonio. Now ten years later, we have four amazing kiddos, Jack, Sammy, Audrey, and Timothy.  
I love my job and am blessed to have had some amazing teachers go before me. My mother and aunt are retired teachers with over thirty years each in education. My sister has a doctorate in History and teaches at Sam Houston State. I became passionate about reading in college when I picked up Harry Potter for the first time and continues to this day. My favorite genre is fantasy, go figure.
When I'm not at school you might find me at my church, singing and playing guitar on Sunday mornings, or playing out in the yard with my kids. After the Henzefrenzy (my kids) have gone down for the night, my wife and enjoy catching up on a good TV series, or reading a good book.
If you ask your kids to describe my room they'll probably say "he has alot of toys," and that is very true haha. However, my classroom philosophy is that we are a community of learners where everyone is respected, connected, and challenged. I can't wait to get to know you and your children better as we journey together this year to achieve great things!
Nate Henze
(281) 357-3020 ext 1528