Puzzles & Games Club!

Mr. Grande would like to welcome you to Puzzles and Games Club! 
This club is for students who love playing all kinds of games and solving puzzles. We will learn different games and have fun while engaging in healthy competition through board games. I love playing board games and puzzles so I have a great selection of them. I will provide most of the games and students can choose from any they like. 
Students are not allowed to bring their own games as we do not want them getting damaged. Parents if you would like to donate games please send them with your students or drop off in the front office. Please let the front office know its for Puzzles and Games club. Amazon gift cards are also accepted. Popular games to donate are Uno, Clue, Bingo, Connect Four, Battle Ship, Headbandz. 
Important Information:
Our club meets every Thursday after school. Students need to pay attention to the announcements every morning, any cancellation will be announced during CTE. 
This year there will be no late buses. Students are to be picked up at 4:25 in the car rider line behind our school.