Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade Math!! 
This year should be lots of fun and I can't wait to see how all of my students grow! 
This year we will learn about place value, decimal operations, fractions, algebraic expressions, geometry and measurement, and financial literacy! 
My Conference Time is 10:14-10:55
The best way to contact me is through email!! 


Unit 2 Test Review

I gave each student a copy today. This is incase it gets lost between school and home. 
If they complete the review with work for each problem and bring it back tomorrow they will receive 5 bonus points on their test. 

Test on 9/22

Our next test will be on Wednesday, September 22. It will cover adding and subtracting decimals and include estimating. I will provide the review to students on Monday so that we can check it in class on Tuesday. 
Reminder: If they bring back the review and show work for each problem they will receive 5 bonus points on their test...but the review must be turned in on TUESDAY! 
I will post an attachment on Monday of the review so if it gets lost between school and home they can still have an opportunity for the 5 points.