Box Tops for Education

No More Clipping Required for Box Tops for Education Program.

Box Tops for Education Flyer


NIS will once again participate in the Box Tops for Education program by collecting old Box Tops from General Mills Products, or by downloading the app and scanning your grocery store receipts. 

How can you help?  It’s simple...

DOWNLOAD the NEW Box Tops app and select our school.


This ensures that your Box Tops purchases count toward our school's earnings.


  • SHOP for Box Tops products and scan your receipt in the app to instantly add cash to our 

  school’s earnings online.  


  • LOOK for any remaining Box Tops clips on packages. Clip them and send them to school!


TIP: You can "double-dip" on these products by clipping the traditional Box Tops AND          

                scanning your store receipt with the app!


Remember to enlist extended family members to scan too.

Thank you for supporting our school!