Attendance & Absences

Absences and Tardies

It is important for your child to be in attendance regularly.  State law requires that school age children attend school at least 90% of instructional time.  This includes tardies, as well as early departures.  Please make every effort to have your child at school every day. 
Absences will be classified as "excused" or "unexcused".  Absences that are documented and verified for the following reasons will be classified as excused:
* Personal illness (with a doctors or parent note)
* Serious illness or death in the immediate family
* Medical or dental appointment (with a doctors note)
* Weather or road conditions making travel dangerous
* Religious or holy day observance
* Court-ordered or legally related absence (with documentation)
* Extenuating circumstances approved by the Principal (5 day maximum per school year)
Absences for reasons other than those listed above will be considered unexcused.  When a student returns to school he or she must bring a note, signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence.  When a student is absent for more than 5 consecutive days because of a personal illness, he or she must bring a note from the doctor or health clinic verifying the illness or condition that caused the student's extended absence from school. 
Northpointe Intermediate will has a Tardy Policy in effect that focuses on maximizing instructional time. The Tomball Independent School District provides bus transportation for all students daily. Those students who do not utilize district transportation are still expected to arrive at school on time ready to participate in class. Parents and students are expected to plan their time efficiently so all students arrive to school on time. It is the belief of NIS that each child should be entitled to the maximum instructional time each day and each period. Therefore, a Tardy Policy has been implemented that supports and reinforces this philosophy.
Under the new Tardy Policy, a student will receive an unexcused tardy if he/she enters the school after the bell rings or leaves early from school before the end of school bell rings. Tardies include, but are not limited to, missing the bus, car trouble, over-sleeping, traffic problems, or leaving early for a trip or planned outing. A doctor or dentist appointment with proper documentation (from the doctor) is not considered a tardy. We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that we will consider on an individual basis.
Students are allowed two (2) tardies per nine weeks. For tardies #3 and #4 within the nine week period, the student will be given a lunch detention. For tardies #5 and #6, the student will be given after school detention per tardy. (Please understand that students assigned to after school detention will not be allowed to ride the late bus home.) For tardy #7, a three hour Saturday detention will be assigned. Tardy #8 and above will be a five hour Saturday detention per tardy. If a student does not attend a scheduled Saturday detention, then he/she will be assigned to In School Suspension.
We appreciate your cooperation as we implement the new Tardy Policy.