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Hi! I am Mrs. Adams and I am excited to start a new school year!

I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2007, and this is my tenth year to teach at Northpointe. (Has it already been 10 years??) Cypress/ Tomball has always been my hometown. I grew up here, and attended Cypress Creek High School in the Cypress Fairbanks district.
I have been preparing a fun and rigorous year for us, 
and I am very excited to meet every one of you! Northpointe is my home away from home. Teaching is my passion, and I am excited to come to school everyday!

When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jordan, and our daughters, Charlotte, and Cora. Our oldest starts Kindergarten this year! I can't believe it! Playing with both girls takes up most of my days at home, however when I do find that extra minute of free time, I like to try out any craft or recipe that can be found on pinterest (Hobby Lobby is my friend!)
I make it my personal goal every year to turn every  social studies skeptic into an eager historian... I haven't failed yet! I have high expectations, and hold my students to rigorous curriculum. I look forward to helping your kids grow academically this year.

Emily Adams

Our Motto:

Nothing less than your highest and best!

Recent Posts

Science Boot camp/ Civil War Test

Hello parents of Science Soldiers!
All students will be formally introduced to science boot camp today! They are practicing their confidence, and proving knowledge, and I could not be more proud to be their Drill Instructor. (Ask them to see some of their moves from today's vocabulary lesson ;)   )
Students are encouraged to wear camo, army green, army shirts, or anything patriotic this week! Wednesday our lesson will take us outside, so tennis shoes are preferred. 
Other items to remember:
States and capitals test (For those students who did not make a 100 on the pretest) will be Wednesday.
Our Civil War test (chapter 19 in history alive) will be Friday. We will be reviewing a little bit every day. 
Thank you all for your support
- Sergeant Adams 


Hello Science Parents!
Our science STAAR test is coming up quickly, and we will soon start our themed review: Science Boot Camp. I will start encouraging students to wear their camo/ army gear starting the week of May 7th. They will work their bodies and their mind as we focus on our science standards. WE ARE IN THE ARMY NOW!
Coming home in Wednesday folders you will start to notice that lots of science review packets are coming home. We have worked on these in class and AI time. Please look over these review topics and incorporate these into conversations at home. 
I am so proud of all my kids! They have grown SO much this year. I have enjoyed spending everyday with them!
Emily Adams

Moving Westward project due Monday!

This is a reminder that the Moving Westward project is due on Monday. Most students have been able to complete all of their work here in class, but some will need to put in a little bit of work over the long weekend.
The poster will need to include:
Title/ fake name and age
5 interesting facts about their type of person
5 pictures with captions
The letter/ journal
This will be turned in to google classroom
6 total slides, 1 being the title
** Please see instructions on google classroom for this portion of the project*
The presentation will also be a daily grade.
All students should have a really good idea of what they need to do for their project as we have been talking about it every day for at least 3 weeks! 
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Have a blessed Easter Weekend!

Science Benchmark and other classroom acitivities

Wow! Where has the time gone??? We are in the final nine weeks of the year!
The science Benchmark, a major grade for science, will be on Wednesday, March 28th. Please make sure that students are bringing home their science INBs and reviewing a little material each night. There is a lot of content we have covered so far this school year, and tackling a little bit each night yields less stress! We will be reviewing in class as well, so make sure to ask your child what topics we are talking about in class!
We will have a quiz over inherited traits and learned behaviors on Monday, March 26th. All of these notes and activities to review will be recorded in the science INB.
We have been working really hard on our moving westward project in class. Students have been taking on a new identity as a person moving out west in the 1800s. They have researched and turned their findings into a 1st person account of early American life. They are so creative! We will be working on the poster part of our project here in class as well. Projects are due on April 2nd, and presentations will also be that week. Please note this is an at school project. Students can work on their google drive at home, but there should not be much for them to do on their own unless they were out of school or if they did not use their time wisely.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Space Test

Our next test in science is over space. It will cover:
- Characteristics of the earth, sun, and moon
- Earth's movement (Rotation on an axis, and Revolution around the sun)
- The Moon's role: tides, phases
- The order of the planets
- The water cycle
- Seasons due to earth's tilt
- Telling time by looking at the sun's placement and shadows.
Please review these concepts with your child at home... or have them teach you! They have A LOT of fun interactive tools in their science INB to help spark this conversation. This follows chapter 7 of our wolf book.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Half Poster board

Students will need to bring a half size white poster board to class any day next week. We will be starting an in class project for social studies, and students will be doing half of their project on the poster board. The project is one of my favorites this school year... moving westward! Students will be creating a personal account of what it was like to be a person moving out west in the 1800s. 
This is a complete in class project. Students will only need to work at home if they are absent, or not working efficiently.

Next 4 weeks

Wow! Time is flying by... we are in our units that will take us to Spring Break!
Let's talk about space! Our unit on space has a variety of sub topics. We are starting with  comparing/ contrasting the characteristics of the earth, sun, and moon. We will also cover:
- Earth's rotation/ Revolution
- Order of the planets
- Sunrise/ sunsets-- and their affect on shadows
- Earth's tilt and our seasons on earth
- The sun's role in our water cycle
That is a lot of information to have in one unit, so please make sure students are bringing their INBs home nightly and discussing the many, many vocabulary words they will be learning. This is also a very "diagram heavy" unit. Students will need to be able to apply information when looking at a variety of pictures/diagrams/ tables.
Social Studies:
We are finishing up our unit on government/ The constitution/ The Bill of Rights are we are moving westward! This unit is a lot of fun to teach and to learn. Students will be learning about the various reasons that American wanted new territory, and how we came to own each one. We also will have a project (done in class) where students will get to role play a person who has decided to move westward. 
States and capitals test is February 21st... please make sure students are learning the southern states/ capitals.
Have a blessed month!
Emily Adams

Starting the new year!

Welcome back to school!
We are moving right out of the holiday spirit and into a new nine weeks filled with exciting science and social studies content!
Our first unit this nine weeks in science is the formation of fossil fuels. We will be learning about how oil, natural gas, and coal are formed, and what classifies them as non-renewable. We will also be talking about the importance of conserving our resources. Naturally we also will be covering renewable resources/ alternative energy. (Wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, and geothermal energies)
Our test over this unit will be January 24th. Students should be bringing home their INBs nightly. Please encourage your children to communicate with you about what is learned in class! There is a lot of vocabulary they are learning this year and talking with their parents is a big help!
In social studies we are starting out with a patriotic topic... the creation of our Constitution! Students will learn why the Articles of Confederation was not successful as well as why the Constitution was/IS successful. We will be talking about our rights as United States citizens, and what would happen if our rights were taken away. 
We will be doing a major grade assignment on this unit the week of January 29th.
Our new states and capitals for this nine weeks is the southeast United States. Our test will be on February 21st. Please be on the look out for the review sheet coming home.
As always, please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have! 
Happy New Year!
Emily Adams

Science and Social studies dates

We have a few important dates to remember for science and social studies...
12/6- States and Capitals test- Major grade for Social Studies
12/13- Weathering, Erosion, Deposition test for Science
12/15- Social Studies Benchmark
We are putting Physical science behind us, and we are trekking through earth science now! Students will be learning about all of the "agents of change" that change earth's surfaces. We will also be focusing on the formation of fossil fuels, and how we can look toward alternative energy instead of using up our nonrenewable resources.
In social studies we are signing the Declaration of Independence, and starting a new country... I am hoping kids go home with lots of exciting stories to tell!
Have a blessed week!
Emily Adams

Science Benchmark coming up!!!

Quick reminder that our science benchmark test is on Wednesday, November 15th. This test is a major grade for science, and will cover all of the topics we have learned so far this year. It is very important that students look over their science INBs nightly to keep the information fresh in their minds. A study guide will be coming home soon... this study guide ONLY lists the topics we have learned about... not specific questions to the test. The benchmark will be testing the application of various science concepts. 
 Our states and capitals test is scheduled for December 6th. It will cover the 12 states and capitals of the midwest. 
Have a blessed week!
Emily Adams

Upcoming events

We have moved on from light and thermal energy to Electrical and Sound energy. We will be practicing "reading" circuits, trying to find out how switches, cut wires, and double batteries can affect an electrical current.
We will have a quiz next Thursday, November 9th that covers all of our notes on Electrical and Sound Energy.  
All students have been instructed that they need to review the concepts daily, as we are moving quickly through the unit.
Our Science benchmark is scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving break. This will be a major grade for science, and will cover everything we have learned up through that point in the year. We will be reviewing our content in class, but students should also be reviewing for this test at home.
 We are starting an exciting part of American History... the Revolution! Students might be coming home retelling exciting stories that go with this unit.
Our states and capitals test is scheduled for December 6th. It will cover the 12 states and capitals of the midwest. 
Have a blessed week!
Emily Adams

Tests coming up!

On Wednesday, October 25th we will be having our thermal and light test. Make sure students are bringing home their science INBs nightly, and discussing these topics through conversation.
Tips for Thermal Energy-
Heat moves from HOT to COLD
Particles move faster as more thermal energy is added.
Conductors allow thermal energy to pass through them, and insulators slow heat down.
Thermal energy can change the state of matter of water.
Boiling point is 100C, Freezing and melting point is 0C
Tips for Light Energy-
Light travels in a straight line.
Reflection is the bouncing back of light (Mirrors, shiny objects, still water)
Refraction is the bending of light-- makes things look different (Looking through water, lenses, telescopes, microscopes.....)
Transparent objects let all light through
Translucent objects stop some of the light
Opaque objects stop the light from passing through
We have been going over these topics, and all of the above can be found in the science INB. Please go over these topics with your kids!
In Social Studies we will be having our Chapter 7 and 8 test on Tuesday, October 24th. 
Students came home with a review sheet. It is very important that they study the review sheet. The test is VERY SIMILAR to the review sheet :)
 Our next set of states and capitals will be coming home next week.
Have a great weekend!
Emily Adams