Unit 2 Science and upcoming Social studies

This week we are starting our new unit in science. This unit covers Physical Properties of matter. Within this unit students will learn that scientist use a specific set of descriptors to describe objects. We will then apply this knowledge to better understand how best to separate mixtures and solutions using physical properties.
Students should be bringing home their science INB to discuss and review content several times a week. In my class there is no specific homework due each week, but it is understood that students will continuously be studying and review concepts learned in class. 
Specific due dates of assignments/ test dates will be added soon. 
In Social Studies we are beginning our unit on geography. Students will be learning about the geography of the United States, and what prompted people from the "Old World" to want to move here. We will start a discussion about colonies, where your child might even be given a historical identity to claim for this unit. 
We are in for a lot of fun, engaging learning... I can't wait!
Students also record the upcoming assignments in their personal planner. In 5th grade we are really starting to push students to become responsible for their learning by helping them learn to be organized... Please help encourage your child to bring their planner home, review it periodically throughout the week, and have conversations about learning taking place in school.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Emily Adams