Major Project Guidelines

6th Grade Culture Project
Name: ______________________ Due Date: ___Tuesday, October 1__
For this project, you will be creating a Google slide show to tell about your personal culture. Class time will be provided for you to start working on your project, but you will need to finish it outside of class and have it ready to turn in on, or before the due date. Turning a project in late will result in points being deducted.

Items needed (for slide show): You will need 19-20 slides for your presentation. These pages can be any color and use any style font. You must use a color/font combination that is easy to read. At the top of each slide, you must place a title of the topic. For example, at the top of slide #2 you would place “Art” to denote the topic of the slide. On one slide of each slide show, you must write 3-4 (paragraph) sentences explaining what the element of culture means to you. On the next slide of the slide show, you must have a collage of pictures.

Details: On first slide, you will describe your culture and on the next slide you must illustrate this concept with a word (phrase), picture or video. Pictures can be drawn, photographed, or found on the web. If you use a video, it must be embedded on the slide for that specific element. Your presentation should use the following topics:
• Title Page (includes: title, first and last name, period number)
• Art (Anything about art and/or sports)
• Architecture (Anything about your house or any builds in your area)
• Beliefs (Religious beliefs toward God)
• Education (Places any family member went to school or university)
• Economy (Anything dealing with money or items you own)
• Government (Anything about the democratic government)
• Language (Language spoken around the home or phrases used a lot)
• Lifestyle (What you do around your house or free-time)
• Traditions (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan)
• Family Tree (go back at least 3 generations – you, parents, grandparents)
*Use brace map style to show family tree*