Scope and Sequence

Sixth Grade         Regular Science:

1st 9 weeks
Policies/Procedures and Safety
Scientific Processes and Methods (Scientific method, graphing, observation/inference, data collection and analysis)
Matter (elements, compounds, periodic table)
2nd 9 Weeks
Matter (chemical and physical changes and properties, density, metals/nonmetals/metalloids)
Energy (forms of, transformations of, resources of)
3rd 9 Weeks
Force and Motion (simple machines, changes in position, balanced/unbalanced forces, calculating average speed, measure and graph motion)
Geologic Systems (layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, rocks and rock cycle)
4th 9 Weeks
Geologic Systems (plate tectonics, geologic events)
Space Studies (objects found in our solar system, locations of objects, motions of objects,  history and future of space exploration, gravity's role in the solar system)
Investigating Life (microscopes, cells, characteristics of life)
Classification (domains, kingdoms, cells, modes of feeding and reproduction)
Organisms in their Environment (interactions in ecosystems, factors in ecosystems, biotic/abiotic)

Sixth Grade: Social Studies (Regular & AP)

First Nine Weeks:
· Introduction to Physical & Human Geography
· Celebrate Freedom Week – Foundations of American Government and Culture
· The World
· US & Canada

Second Nine Weeks:
· Latin America
· Europe

Third Nine Weeks:
· Southwest Asia/Northern Africa (Middle East)
· Sub-Saharan Africa

Fourth Nine Weeks
· South Asia (India)
· East Asia