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NAME: Mrs. April Sharp
SCHOOL: Northpointe Intermediate School
CLASS: 6th Grade Math
SCHOOL PHONE: 281-357-3020 ex:1450
I am married to a Houston Firefighter and have two sons, a twelve-year-old and a nineteen-year-old. I earned my teaching degree at Sam Houston State University and started my career as a 6th grade teacher in Aldine ISD. This is my eleventh year at NIS, and I love it. Sixth graders are the best!
Being a teacher, mother, and wife keeps me very busy, but in my spare time I like to travel, camp, fish, shop, and read. My favorite color is black, I love the Astros, I can't get enough of Starbucks, and I love anything chocolate.
Please feel free to ask me questions about myself and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you as well.
Mission For The Class: I want my students to discover the joy of learning and to take responsibility and ownership of their own success.

Recent Posts

STAAR Review for Kahoot

This is the STAAR Review that students MUST have completed in order to play Kahoot on Friday. If they have lost theirs or left it at school and need another copy, they will need to print their own or copy each problem down from the copy below.

Kite String for Math

We will be flying our kites SOON after we take the STAAR test this coming Monday and Tuesday. If your child has not brought kite string in, please have him/her do so as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have extra kite string to provide. Stores that carry it are Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, CVS, Walgreen's, and $1 Stores (by a cheap kite and use the string).

FINAL Test Corrections due Friday, May 18th.

Test corrections for this final grading period are due on Friday, May 18th.  Please try to have them completed, signed by a parent, and turned in BEFORE the due date.

Materials for kites (due April 16th)

We will be constructing Tetrahedron kites in Math class(made of 4 triangular prisms) on April 19-20..  Students are to begin bringing their materials this week to have it all turned in no later than April 16th.  Please put supplies in a bag with their name and Math class period on it.  

The materials needed are as follows:

*24 straws (NO paper straws and preferably NOT the ones that stretch/bend)

*yarn (approximately 9-10 ft. or can bring the entire roll and use as needed)

*wrapping paper (or newspaper, or tissue paper—approx. 4 sheets)

*scotch tape (NO duct tape or glue)

*one roll of kite string


If you have an issue with supplying ANY of these items, please let me know ASAP.


District Benchmark (Math)

The Math District Benchmark Test will be given this coming Monday 3/26 and Tuesday 3/27.  Please be sure your child is well rested for these two testing days and that they make every effort possible to be at school.  Students will need to make up the test if they are absent on these days.

Unit 6 Review Guide

This is a copy of the Math Unit 6 Review Guide that was given to students today.  Its is due WEDNESDAY 3/7.  The TEST is on Friday, 3/9.  Please encourage your child to work on this and study daily between now and the test.

Unit 6 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (1)

This is a copy of the Unit 6 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle that students received today.  It is due on FRIDAY 2/23.  There will be a TEST over these words on WEDNESDAY 3/7.  
A Quizlet link has been posted in Google Classroom as well for students to use to complete this crossword and to use in preparation for the test.  Please encourage your student to begin preparing NOW and to NOT wait until the last minute to study.

TEST CORRECTIONS for 3rd 9 week grading period

Test corrections for the 3rd 9 week grading period is Tuesday, March 6, 2018.  Please have them completed and turned in on or before this date.

Unit 5 Review Guide

Here is a copy of the Unit 5 Review Guide (due next Wednesday 2/14/18).  The TEST is next THURSDAY 2/15/18
Some students already have a copy. If not, it can be printed from here or a copy can be picked up in my room. If the original is lost, please print your second copy--I do not have enough to give out second copies.

Unit 4 Review Guide

Here is a copy of the Unit 4 Review Guide that students got in Math class today.  It is due at the BEGINNING of class on THURSDAY 1/25. The TEST is on FRIDAY 1/26. Please be sure that this is being worked on DAILY.  


Here is a copy of the Unit 3 Review Guide that students got in Math class today.  It is due at the BEGINNING of class on MONDAY 12/18. The TEST is on TUESDAY 12/19.   Students were given the entire class period today to complete it and to ask questions.  We will check and discuss it on Monday.

Unit 2B REVIEW GUIDE Equations and Inequalities

Here is a copy of the Unit 2B Review Guide that students got in Math class today.  It is due at the BEGINNING of class on Thursday, November 30th. The TEST is on Friday, December 1st.   Please encourage your child to work on this each day and NOT wait until the last minute to complete it.

Unit 2A Review Guide due Monday 11/06

Dear Parents,
Your child was given Unit 2A Review on Monday, 10/30 and it is due on MONDAY, 11/06.  I put a copy in our Google Classroom and her on my Edlio page for students to use if needed.
Also I just wanted to give you a heads up...TISD's online grade book is currently not working, therefore grades will NOT be updated today.