Welcome to Gifted and Talented Education at Northpointe Intermediate School.
Do you have questions about Gifted Education and how to qualify? Please email me at sherimohle@tomballisd.net.
I look forward to working with your Gifted and Talented students this year.
GT Summer Camp
Summer Camp will be virtual again this year. Click on the following link for information.
GT Qualifications for students returning to TISD after homeschooling or from another district.
In light of the changes in our district with on campus instruction, TVS and those who may choose to homeschool, we want to provide this information in regards to GT qualifications.
A student who has qualifying scores according to TISD protocols and has been receiving GT services in TISD will once again receive GT services upon returning to the district.  No further evaluation is needed.  A student coming from a different district might need re-evaluation or testing according to whether or not current scores meet TISD protocols.  Please note that protocols are re-evaluated each year to be current with the Texas State Plan for Gifted and could change over time.
Online Testing statement

At this time, Tomball ISD does not offer GT testing in an online environment. We are currently working with our testing partners to see if this is something we could potentially offer to families in the near future. I apologize for the inconvenience and understand your decision to not want your son/daughter testing face to face. Once I have more information on whether or not the online version of the GT assessment is a possibility, I will let you know. 

New GT Newsletter! Please click on the link below to read our TISD GT District Newsletter- The newest is the first one listed.

Testing for students NEW to TISD

For anyone who recently enrolled at Northpointe  Intermediate for the 2020-2021 school year from out of district....If your child was in the gifted program at their prior school, please contact me to review your child's testing information from your prior school.  If further testing is needed, I will contact you. 

To make testing requests, please email Sheri Mohle  at   sherimohle@tomballisd.net  ASAP.


Please note that if your child has testing data from a prior school district, we will assess the data, but it may be necessary for us to complete testing in TISD in order to follow TISD GT qualification guidelines.



If you were unable to make it to our GT Parent Night on Sept 17, please take a look at our slide presentation. The link is below:




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