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Music & Choir - Mr. Ishee - Northpointe Intermediate School

Hi! Welcome to Mr. Ishee's teacher website. Here, you can find teacher information, class schedule, calendar information, and other useful tools to help you stay up-to-date. All items on this website are 5th grade music and 6th grade choir related to Northpointe Intermediate School. 
Mr. Ishee is a passionate musician and music teacher. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Mr. Ishee has taught students in grades 5-12 in Houston area schools, and adults in church and community choirs. He has sung in many professional choruses, such as the Houston Symphony Chorus and Voci d'Amici. Previously, Mr. Ishee was the Assistant Conductor to the International Voices Houston. Mr. Ishee loves to travel, cook, perform, and spend time with family and friends. Alongside teaching at Northpointe, Mr. Ishee serves as the Director of Traditional Music at Spring Woods United Methodist Church and sings with the Houston Bach Society. 

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NIS Choir Handbook

  • This handbook is for 6th grade Choir members only. Parents: Please read through the handbook and sign the acknowledgment page. Have your child turn it in to the choir director's the next class day.

Class Schedule and Conference Time

1st Period: 7:50-8:35 P.E. (Gym)
2nd Period: 8:38-9:23 Conference (Choir Office)
3rd Period: 9:26-10:11 A.I. (Gen. Ed. Classroom)
4th Period: 10:14-10:59 Music (Rm. 303)
Lunch 11:00-11:35
5th Period: 11:40-12:25 Music (Rm. 303)
6th Period: 12:28-1:15 Music (Rm. 303)
7th Period: 1:18-2:03 Choir (Choir Room)
8th Period: 2:06-2:51 Choir (Choir Room)

Classroom Policies

Students will be expected to follow these policies every day. 
  • Be in your assigned seat with all required supplies by the time the bell rings.
  • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
  • Follow instructions the first time they are given.
  • Be courteous and positive to your teachers and classmates.
  • Keep the room free of food, drinks, and gum.